Read her thoughts

So, i was watching youtube and there was a schizophrenic woman on there and the guy talking to her said that she believed her family were vampires and that watermelon was blood.

In my experience i can remember them telling me that the blood in my legs was being drained out because they hurt so very badly.

I’ve also heard alot of this mind reading telepathy type stuff.

Also, during psychosis i saw a large fanged face looking down on the world in my mind, one could consider it a vampire looking thing, another time i was horribly shocked with no source of electricity and another fanged face appeared, this time it was visual and was made of light, it was painful.

I’ve thought about certain movies that i have seen over the years, certain vampire movies. In several of those certain things happen.

In one the vampires cause a visual hallucination in a guy, they make him think and see that he is eating maggots. Everytime i think of it i wanna tell people thats schizophrenia right there, thats what actually happens, this isn’t just a movie!

In another a vampire tells another who is learning to “read her thoughts”, he is trying to teach him to read minds.

Not to mention the “fourth kind” movie, i saw an “alien” and began looking at certain times, 333 being one of those times, just like in the movie.

Conclusion: Holy ■■■ hollywood is completely evil! And there are more to those movies than meets the eye!

I can see why you would believe in telepathy, they speak in my mind everyday, they know they are real and i know they are real, although i would have to assume there is a scientific explanation for this and it’s not some magical hoopla of course.

They have also responded to my thoughts before, so they can know what im thinking, and can thus tell others what im thinking.

Some think it’s chips in our heads, some think satellites or whatever. I don’t really like to try and explain it in details because i don’t know, all that i can say is this telepathy thing is more real than people think and does have a scientific explanation for it.

But gadam hollywood is evil right?!

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The Lost Boys…classic! Interview With The Vampire is a good one too. But yeah, I guess hollywood is evil.

during one of my delusional episodes I got arrested, when they took my mug shot they had the screen in front of me and instead of seeing my face in my mugshot pic I saw a monster face kinda had rays of light coming off it

When wizards/magicians/alchemists etc made wands for their work they made it out of the wood of the holly tree… Hollywood, waaaay more than meets the eye. its magic or mind control etc etc etc etc!!! Hey look into MKUltra…seriously look into it it is insane. Government tests on people… Roseanne Barr has gone on record bringing light to it and gets thanked by celebrities because they are not allowed or too afraid to say anything about it. Monarch

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I haven’t finishd reading all about it, im not sure if I understand it fully

I don’t actually believe in telepathy rightnow. I used to bbelieve without question. Now, looking at the logistics of actually doing it and living with on a day to day basis, I’m not sure that it’s possible at all tbh. My voices try and convince me that this is telepathy all the time but I always say yeah, right, whatever as I don’t believe them. There r a million ways people can get information from u and if they r voices in ur head they’re already inside ur mind so of course they’d know what u were thinking, feeling seeing etcetera. The human body has only one pair of eyes whoever is looking through the. I won’t believe until I find proof positive that it’s real and I don’t think I’m ever gonna get that because it’s just not real I think.

i have wondered about telepathy myself, but i did some reading into it and it has never been proven scientifically or witnessed to i put that out of my mind but the mkultra thing kinda feeds my paranoia.

I know all about brain washing as its been done to me and my family. It’s so cruel it’s unreal. I would rather they’d have just killed me when this whole thing started. At least I could’ve made a fresh start in the afterlife. But no what they’ve done to us is kill us on the inside. I don’t live. I merely exist and I’m numb inside. I would rather my kids weren’t ever born than go through the torture they’ve been through. I wish they’d just have finished the job years ago and iwould have my freedom. When I die st whatever age I’m gonna get reincarnated and live life completely free of this ■■■■. One soul, many bodies. Just hopes I get to keep my talents. Right now it’s one body, many spirits end I hate it. When I’ve got the money I’m going to find another programmer to take all this ■■■■ out. Can’t believe what they do to children. Some ad young as two years old. It makes me sick to my stomach.

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Me too, specially since it is on record as to actually have happened. This isn’t like my delusions of telepathy where there isn’t recorded proof. These are government documents that tell the tale of how the govt agencies worked on ways to manipulate and influence human thoughts and actions to meet their specifications. Creepy as it gets!

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definitely creepy, I had to stop reading though!

Yes, do that…educate yourselves before casually accepting one opinion about what is going on.
I been tagged all my life…my parents tagged by Ultra. I was transfered to the other program at some point in time. I became consciously aware of it and what it was 11 - 12 years ago…and lets just say the things I have written about openly are just a drop in the bucket of what I have seen and experienced. My late wife was also one.
By the way, rather than remaining in the dark, by knowing what is going on you can have some influence over it…I mean have influence with them.
Think of it as a high stakes computer game, a virtual reality that is actually really taking place but almost works just like a computer game with tricks and booby traps and missions, enemies, pitfalls, strategies, etc.
And the media - Hollywood promotes this stuff…if you ever wonder why so many scifi shows are about this very sort of thing…Its all part of their training…to saturate the airwaves with movies and TV shows about this so it will be accepted.

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