Purchased a grey nintendo switch lite today

also got super smash bros with it

First Nintendo product I had since GameCube.

Can’t relive the GameBoy days and I’m not expecting to, but I will enjoy the switch in a different way as a mature adult. Miss quality handheld gaming. BS phone app games is not it


Congrats! Hope you’ll get a lot of fun out of it.

Do you have a job? You’ll hate yourself if you game too much otherwise.

Smash Brothers online with Ethernet cord on the big screen is really great.

I have a regular switch.

As far as not reliving your gameboy days you may be in for a suprise.

I’m 38 yo and grew up with 8 bit Nintendo. The switch is on-par with the fun factor of the regular Nintendo IMO

i just got a regular switch for my birthday 2 days ago. I got 2 games with it and i ordered new game for it that arrived today. I’m having fun with it. I only play for like 40 minutes a day though. But it’s fun.

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