Psychiatrist appointment

Saw the pdoc this afternoon. It was the first time he had seen me. He did a thorough assessment.Past history. Past medication. Symptoms . Family background. My stepdaughter was there with me. She said her piece re what she has noticed about me. He says that paranoid personality disorder doesn’t fit . He reckons that a combination of asd and schizophrenia fits best. He also said I’m quite dyspraxic. He’s making a referral for an ASD assessment. He noticed I had a tremor which he said was a side effect.

For those wondering about Consta and flat mood: He told me that Consta does this. My stepdaughter had told him I was very flat emotionally .


Sounds like a productive appointment.

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What’s ASD? Always wondered about those splinter diagnosis’s,

seems like there’s too many these days. Were you in agreement with him,

and was your stepdaughter in agreement? I’m sure by being on here for so long,

you feel it’s more serious. By now, you know enough about it as he does. You’re an independent scholar.

ASD = autism spectrum disorder . My stepdaughter was in agreement with him. I said I thought I fit ASD, avoidant and schizotypal but he says my symptoms go beyond schizotypal. I agree that paranoid PD is a poor fit.

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Interesting factoid. He said I had low-set ears. That goes with psychosis.

haha, what? weird.

What are minor physical anomalies?

Minor physical anomalies (MPAs) are subtle anatomical deviations that have little functional or aesthetic impact. They may be traced to events occurring prenatally and may represent risk markers for underlying illness susceptibility. MPAs may be important risk indicators when an individual is already at high risk of developing psychosis, for example, having a first-degree relative with psychosis, and when multiple MPAs occur together in one individual.

What is the evidence for minor physical anomalies?

Moderate to high quality evidence suggests a large increase in MPAs in people with schizophrenia compared to people without schizophrenia and relatives of people with schizophrenia. Moderate to low quality evidence suggests MPA frequency is increased in six regions: head, eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet. Specific MPAs include tongue with irregular smooth-rough spots, single transverse palmar crease (one crease extending across the palm of the hand), syndactyly (wholly or partially united) 2nd and 3rd toes, malformed ears, low set ears, smaller head circumference, and curved fifth finger.

Don’t you have positive symptoms?

that’s how they assessed my son at birth.

hope the prenatal teams read what you posted.

they don’t do enough tests at birth, in my opinion.

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look at these teenagers dying of irregular heart

can’t tell me that shouldn’t have been caught

Not so much on Consta, but yes off it.

So why do you doubt about your schizophrenia diagnosis? Or you don’t doubt it?

I think it fits better than paranoid PD.

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