Protected factory And humiliation

In my country, we have factories that are “safe” for the mentally ill, sometimes in order to get help from the state we have to put in there some time, the problem that the minimum wage per hour in this country is 30 But the factory protected are paid only 3 or 4 !!
Besides, the work is very boring, like screwing a screw all day or sticking a sticker, it’s terribly humiliating and annoying, the only protected thing there is that they can not fire you … I worked there a few months after being hospitalized, I really hate this period


They have a similar operation here in eastern Oklahoma, but participation is completely voluntary. I hear that they pay really poorly, and you have a hard time getting them to give you the money they do owe you. I saw a factory run by the mentally disabled in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I was just passing through, so I didn’t stop to work at that factory. I don’t know what they paid. I get paid for cleaning the bathrooms three times a week at the clubhouse. That helps my budget. I think the pay averages just under minimum wage. I would see if I could get a job as a night janitor, but my back gives me problems. There are times when I’m cleaning the bathrooms at the clubhouse when I’m just about reaching the limits of my pain tolerance. Also, if I worked as a night janitor the shitheads would probably put me on day shift. I’d just hate that.

Sounds really hard, are there jobs perhaps in the distribution of newspapers or flyers in mailboxes? Maybe it will be less difficult

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That does stink, but we dont even have that here in the united states for the mentally ill.

They do that to people in jail. They sell prisoner’s labor for cheap and and add tiny credits to the prisoner’s account.

I wish they did have something like that here.

Closest thing we have to that is a state rehabilitation office. If a people are so bad off they must have 24/7 supervision then the rehabilation office will set them up with menial labor.

For people with MI who cant work, but dont need 24/7 supervision, we are out of luck.

and working for a dollar an hour is not really a job, it is not money to buy anything but milk, preferably if it is possible to work every day for a few hours, is to find a regular job half-time, but not such work for such an insulting salary

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There are many of them even here, it is true that the pay is very low but I heard that you are not supposed to work a lot there.
They are for low-functioning people that couldn’t even work as part time janitors…

In Michigan we have sheltered workshops which pay by the piece. It’s not much money but, if one is able, it is something to do.

I’ve never heard of any. They are probably temp jobs anyway.

Yes, but there are not many hours of work. I feel that this is a cynical exploitation of people who can not protest or oppose. Instead of paying a little higher salary and allowing them to live more respectfully, they do us a favor that gives a ridiculous salary.
I’m meen, buy a milk carton costs 5, this hourly salary is 3-4, it’s just terrible

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I think that their philosophy is “Still better than nothing” and that it isn’t meant for people who can function well enough for a normal-ish jobs.
Particularly in Israel we’ve got something that is called “recovery basket”, a collection of services that help people with MI.
One of these services helps with work, by assigning you a qualified person to help you find job and maintain a healthy environment while you in there.
I use this service and the last job they’ve found me is newspaper distributor on an electric bike :slight_smile: on minimum a wage.
It’s nice but really exhausting.


I think all of us who worked there also received disability benefits.

in my conry the disability is 50% of the minimum wage. So you have to work somehow otherwise simply hungry


Aren’t there free housing programs for poor people with disability?

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