Prolonged sensation

I was wondering who else gets something like this…

I call it prolonged sensation. It’s a bit like a tactile hallucination but it comes from a real touch.
My sister was holding my hand, and then she walked away, but I was sure she was taking my hand with her since it didn’t feel like she let go. It still felt like she was holding my hand. If she hugs me, that feeling of being hugged will stay with me for a few hours. Same with other people… if they set their hand on my arm, I’ll feel it there for a few hours. Sometimes it sort of creeps me out. I can’t get that hand off me. Other times I just have to calmly let it fade.

This last holiday season the voices multiplied for a bit. But they are fading more. But it’s not new surprising voices, it’s the voices of my cousins and aunts and other family and the new voices of family are merely saying stuff that my family did in fact say when I was seeing them over this last holiday break.

It’s like the words and the voice is stuck in my head, sort of imprinted and now it’s fading away. But it doesn’t happen with family I see all the time. It’s not scary, it’s just odd having a spike in voices and the fact that it’s more like a recording.

Well, I don’t have someone to hold my hand or hug for a long time. But I do often have some odd sensations with my hands like they are sensationless. I am actually feeling no feelings and it usually lasts for more than an hour. Somehow like numbness. To the extreme, my hands could feel no strengths and I could drop things. I experienced a lot of strange sensations on my hands after the onset. When I have voices, the sensations are more varied. My perception tends to attach a lot of meanings to the sensations. I feel a lot of energies and vibrations. I know they are fake.

I do have scripts of conversations replaying in my head. Sometimes they are something that I read or wrote. They are in the form of my own thought. I did not actively elicit the words but they are replaying to me for a couple of times. Like it is reading to me. I notice there are emotions attached to the scripts. It could be something I like and I am ruminating.

It sounds to me like your brain is just replaying the social conversations in the original voice. You know there is huge difference between sensation and perception. With our disorder in the brain, it seems to twist our sensations in little ways. I hope it doesn’t bother you.

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The extra voices are interesting, but not bothering. I recognize them as family and they aren’t saying anything hurtful of negative, and I remember when these words were said the first time in reality. It’s just a new sensation for me.

The prolonged tactile has been happening for a really long time. I sort of use it to my advantage now.