Power Rangers what colour would you be?

Hey guys its been a while so thought id stop by (:blush:

If you could be a Power Ranger what colour would you be and what series type costume would you choose? Example Beast morphers, RPM, Ninja Samurai, Ninja steel, Mighty Morphin, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, Mega Force or even a custom costume!

I would be the White Ranger and choose the Mighty Morphin costume

Also would have the Mighty Morphin White Ranger Tiger-Zord

Choose your ranger and describe why you would be that one also feel free to create your own custom ranger if you want!


I don’t think I’ve ever watched the power rangers… :frowning: I feel like I’m missing out !


I don’t know the power rangers either but my sister in law sent my daughter a hot pink power rangers costume when she was little and I was always jealous that I didnt get one in my size. It was awesome. So I pick hot pink baby all the way.


Wb @SaintSeiya!
It has been a while!

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I was always forced to play the pink ranger when my cousins and I would play, because I was the girl. But I secretly always wanted to be the green ranger. Original series


Pink ranger all the way


The pink ranger from mighty morphing. Kimberly!


Hello my dear friend @Wave it has been a while I hope you are doing well and keeping good. Your the first person that comes to my mind when im on here (:slight_smile:

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Ok so pink seems to be the winning colour so far!

Funny thing is I dyed my hair purple and it turned pinkish by accident its gone back to blonde now tho

The power of pink is strong!

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