Power outage...storms all week got me down

Oklahoma has had severe storms all week and we just got through waiting out a power outage. I forgot how stressful that is…got me wired now. we only had one candle and that was almost gone when the power came back on. Now I can turn on my cooling unit by my bed and go to sleep. that is, when I can go to sleep. we needed the rain really bad so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Kewl you got a storm with precipitation, then!


Have y’all had a lot of tornados this year?

Definitely a sign to get more prepaid just in case.

Of course if you are better prepared it most likely wont get worse but if you aren’t then it will. In the end it’s better to be safe than sorry.

just tornadoes a couple of days ago, it was north of us. by about 20 miles. damaged a lot of houses and there was one fatality. it busted a tiger cage at a mini zoo near Norman so there were tigers loose…almost laughable. but tornadoes aren’t laughable.

Here in Eastern Oklahoma we’ve had just one tornado warning so far this year, and it wasn’t a serious one. I bought a weather radio to carry to the basement with me during tornado warnings, but I haven’t needed it. The building I live in would be a real death trap in a tornado. It’s got this great big, flat wall facing south. I have the safest place in the building during a tornado already picked out.

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