Potential new hobby

In addition towards getting new tech for my manga artist career, I decided to look into star gazing. I love astronomy. Especially the planets. My favorite planet is Saturn. I’m thinking about getting a pair of binoculars. So that I can view the stars clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. I think it will be kinda cool.


I love astranomy as well. But you’d definitely need a telescope if you want to see star clusters and galaxies.

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I love the stars…only one I can Id without a star map app is the dog star or morning star…oh and get that Google sky map app its handy for IDing constilations and planets and such…

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That’s cool…I like astrology and it’s all interconnected. At least astrology is to astronomy. My Saturn is in Capricorn. Whatever the frigg that means…

I also love the night sky, I learned a lot about nature through astronomy. Pondering the universe. I had a moment of clarity staring at the stars.

You misses my rant about that hippy tradition…the astronomers could find no one to fund their star gazing…so they created astrology…it was easier to fortune tell and still do what you loved on the side…compared to finding employment just watching the stars and their movements…

I saw a shooting star once I wished for the voices to go away they haven’t, probably a hallucination lol

I took an Astronomy class once but being a girl I barely now North from Sourh. It has gotten better if I have a place of reference. But I guess that’s the point.

One summer I must’ve seen 50 shooting stars. 2013…standing out in a field every night hanging out with my fried.