Post your favourite jewelry/accessoires

Post your favourite things that you like to wear.

sorry for being disgusting and posting while wearing but that thing is real pain in the butt to take off. :weary:

I have a watch… it’s pretty basic. That’s it though.

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Plastic or metalic?

I’ll snap a photo
Digital/plastic/maybe nylon strap I don’t know

It’s got a compass O_o.

I wish it could read my mind and pull up whatever I wanted to see when looking at it.

A good default would be to just have a map with my location marked. Smart watches still aren’t there yet.


looking good. even tells you the date, now thats handy.

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Yeah for sure man… with my lifestyle that is a must. I have nothing tying me to a weekly/monthly schedule.

I dont wear jewlery. All my watches have being presents but are metalic and feel uncomfortable. I also have prominent bones on my wrist that just make it worse. I am on the look out for a plastic/leather type materialed watch. id go digital , water resistant though not the big bulbus sporty watches. anyways…

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do you mind telling us what it is>?

I’m not gonna take pictures, I have a lot of jewelry but my fave right now is a diamond infinity necklace I bought in 2013. It’s really tiny though.

my next purchase, or maybe I can get it on my birthday:

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its a mjölnir, a symbol for strength.

what happened with your doc? are you gonna quit meds?

the doc is doing fine. and he calmly told me that the drugs arent necessary for you anymore. but if i should have some symptoms crawling up then i should give them a call.

yeah it is sweet knowing that this state of mind is going to last only a couple more months. cant wait to be the old me again.

Good luck. I’m just surprised about this decision but you know yourself better.

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thanks your comments are appreciated. :facepunch: they dont have brofist? well this will do too.

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:facepunch: brofist

15 chracters.

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