Post a song you like

thanks rad…

here is another fav of mine

Young Turks was popular when I was young. Good song, good memories.

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This is my favorite Fleetwood Mac song and my favorite video. Lindsey really gets worked up. The tension between him and Stevie is incredible.


pink floyds older stuff, or the thin ice, shine on you crazy diamond or comfortably numb

the pink floyd movie the wall brings me out of catatonia about half of the time

I would post the song Nirvana by the Cult - live from PinkPop - If I knew how

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My favourite Dionne Warwick song .

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Sic by Slipknot. Appropriate song.

Wow just saw this - thanks a million @firemonkey!!

Better things - the kinks… A little sentimental but still gives me goosebumps