Post a selfie new new new


Oh. I thought it was you.



The llama himself, with my puppers


Thanks for the likes on my pic y’all!! I only wanted it up for a bit because I’m kinda paranoid. :grin:


Damn I missed it @TheStrange

It’s all good. Well I always thought you were the girl in your profile pic. I think she’s beautiful although I thought she wouldn’t be as nice as you are lol :joy: but never judge a book by its cover


Lol aww thanks @Gratitude but sadly no I don’t think I look better than her lol she’s really beautiful, ur right.

Maybe I’ll post a pic of myself again sometime…


@Gratitude you missed the hottest post in 2019… I’m joking of course I don’t want to be rude



Hey @TheBest! Great beard!


Thank you. I’ve been thinking about trimming it.


Looking good, Moe!



I wish I looked like this again. Aging and weight gain does not look good on me.



I’ve never seen your pic before.


TO ALL, I’m so glad to see what you look like. Yep. A very good looking bunch!


You have gorgeous eyes!


That dog looks like he’s either in pain or in ecstasy.


So much ecstasy it hurts


me in the last years of the 20th Century