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sick hat yo 0876896876987


Nice photo @Itsme!


Thanks I got some more on the way my hats gotta match my retro Jordans am trying to stock up a little collection it’s little expensive for the sneakers but I go to stockx to get the best price and the hats on ebay


I need to smile in my pics but I think it looks forced and goofy when I do oh well


Me omw to class today


You look lieka very huggable person :slight_smile:


Thank you! :smile:


Nice photo @ZombiePupper!


Totally diggin your shirt @ZombiePupper

Love it.



don juan is a great cameraman, he took this pic yesterday


Selfie selfie selfie. Posting this will in time make me less paranoid…right???


Ohh no, you’re not double colored like I imagined


Very handsome @Wallafish!


Looking sharp dude


What do you mean?


I’m just teasing you with your hair color


Looking good @TheStrange! :blush:


I think he means that your hair is not blonde on the right and black on the left





The picture in my profile pic is a picture of Melanie Martinez. I like her music