Positive Mantras for overcoming negativity

I think @Minnii had created something like this where she posted everyday. I hope you are well @Minnii BTW :o)

So here is a new thread: I will post something funny/positive/good/recovery oriented once a day from this forum.


This one I absolutely like it as a positive mantra

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@minnii is doing swell. She’s part naturalist and probably just returning to that vibe. Lady has a good life in beautiful Portugal with all it’s scenery.

I’ve spoken with her. She’s just trying to breath easy!


Happy to hear, I spoke to her a few times too but been a while! what about you sir? Hope you are well!

Ommmm ( I just know that :slight_smile: )

I’m good. New job starting tomorrow. Good friends all around and troubled waters far in the past.

@Indecisive criticism hurts… it’s the ultimate battle of the schizophrenic to both accept criticism is natural and inherent and then learn to control it. Don’t seek to hurt people’s identities, we don’t know what is going on. (Consider it a schizophrenic divergence).

Minnii is spiritual… we all have issue… but she is actually one of the most beneficial people you could meet. I’ve met thousands and I support the thought.

Trust me her guilt complex is just as great as yours.

Sorry, that’s not my intention, I just read the tittle and posted, I’m a bit impulsive maybe, :slightly_smiling_face:

I remember minnii. She related nicely to one of my weird delusional posts that I was so scared of posting online… it was a huge source of comfort for me. I didn’t have much contact with her on the forum but I always looked forward to her posts.

Anyhow, I like this saying:

“Just because I think it, doesn’t make it true”

edit: oh, sorry I didn’t mean to piggyback your thread.

“I belong.”


oh… bah was just defending my friend… (another schizophrenic occurrence)

I’ll be the fool on this one. often wind up being so! the ship still sails…