Poll: Which AP s more dangerous?

  • typicals
  • atypicals
  • i can t remember what did you said :)))

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Clozapine! This is the most dangerous drugs i had ever tried! It nearly killed me! I had been put in the hospital on June in 2015 for more than one month. I had vomitted many times from June to August. Sometimes i can’t even drink water. The fluid came out from my mouth is in black color! So you can see the toxicity from this drugs! My gall bladder had also been removed. Sometimes my body is still in pain. I really regret taking it. Shouldnt trust the doctor from the beginning! I suggest you guys stay away from clozapine. Sorry for my poor english.

P/S: I have never miss the blood test. So please don’t blame me.

It’s true… none of the meds are perfect… there are side effect to all of them… and they can really knock you on your butt if they aren’t taken correctly…

I do believe the wrong drug can really make it all worse.

I had a reaction to Haldol that put me in hell… I also believe high doses of Seroquel triggered my worst negative swing.

Eventually a good med combo was found… and I began to work with my doc more and talk to him more and we came up with a combo that works for me.

Time and communication … :v:

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Rispiradal (spelling?) one tiny paper cup a quarter full in the hospital, put me in a blinding (literally) headache so bad, I had to crawl to the bathroom, then back in bed- for 3 days.
I couldn’t talk, walk, stand, or feel anything other than that massive pounding headache.
This was in the county run psych hospital, and not one person ever talked to me in those 3days, nor helped me.
I got “written up” afterwards by my “pdoc” for not not eating nor participating, and lost my 5250 hearing- had to stay an additional 2weeks.

I’m on a typical called Depixol. Compared to the Atypicals it’s works as well, I tolerate it better (still far from happy about meds) and I’m not getting weight gain.

All the typicals are devastating for me. I hate them.

I really am thinking seriously about switching AP’s - My Testosterone levels are very low and so is my libido, and Im having other symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

The thing is that im really scared to switch meds and start over - Ive been psychosis free on Risperdal for the longest time, I really dont want to end up in the Hospital.

Oh man, so much to consider…

Not to break up all the complaining but threads like these suck. Why? Here’s the perfect example of why.

people that were complaining about meds got to me and I’ve become non compliant

Have a little thought about how posts like these affect others.