Poll: The big bang theory

What do you think of the TV show The big bang theory?

  • Really good
  • Good
  • Meh
  • Bad
  • Really bad

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Just for the record, I can’t watch it anymore I think it’s so bad.

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Love the show, never miss it.

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She wasn’t that big. She was just voluptous and willing. And she had a pulse. That’s my only criteria for a woman.

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Old seasons were very good and I used to binge watched them…those new are crap so I quit.


i don’t watch tv, but i used to watch that sometimes when i was younger.
i thought this was gonna be a big fun debate about how the world was created - religion

I voted very bad, but the truth is I’ve never watched it. I just remember a few people at my previous work always talking about it and laughing too hard. Here we were caretakers of kids with varying degrees of Autism and other disabilities and they were laughing at the awkwardness and social isolation. Later, I saw clips of it in commercials and it just looked stupid. No offense to anyone.

Same here… It has become repetitive


My lil bro used to watch it, I don’t like the look of it the characters seem flat, the plot unoriginal. It’s basically Friends for nerds.

We do not have this TV show here where I am. We have replaced it with the TV show ‘Russia’s funniest videos’, well that was a joke, but we do not have the big bang theory here.