Poll:::~ 'Save The Universe'?

So. You Are a Futuristic Time Travelling Environmentalist Now. What Do You Save First?.

  • The Sun
  • The Moon
  • The Stars
  • The Trees
  • The Ground

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Remember to:

Chooze Wisely!.
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No sun = no life and no earth as we know it. Dont care much about moon and stars, trees and ground can wait till i saved the sun.

I’d save the ground so people can continue to eat and stay alive through farming. Then they’ll be well enough to save the sun and everything else

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Indeed!, @anon49901817. For Some Reason, Thus Statement Baffles Me Completely. Thank You Though, For Your Comment And Participation!. Your Opinion of Importance is Fascinating!.

Yes!, Farming, @ZmaGal, Has Been a Steady Driving Force For 12,000 Years!. One Step at a Time to Preserve Life Here on Earth Indeed.

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Saving my own ass comes first.

Thanks. Maybe i was too blunt. I like stars and moon and losing them would probably β– β– β– β–  up earth in all sorts of ways. But i think the sun would be more important to save first. :woman_shrugging:


β€˜Without the sun’s radiation, the temperature would be anywhere near the absolute zero of minus 273Β° C. Life would have never continued nor even have come into existence.’ (From Google). As You Have Stated in Your First Post!.

So Maybe There is Some Importance.

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I Had No Idea Yuu Had a Pet Donkey!.

Handsome Fella.
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