Poll: How much caffeine do you drink per day?


  • None
  • Coffee: 1 cup
  • Coffee: 2 cups
  • Coffee: 3+ cups
  • Soda: A little
  • Soda: More
  • Soda: A lot
  • Soda + Coffee: Little of both
  • Soda + Coffee: More of both
  • Soda + Coffee: A lot of both
  • Energy drink
  • A lot of all the above

I don’t drink coffee any more. I take two 200 mg caffeine pills a day. I decided that the way I drink coffee, it would be simpler and easier just to take caffeine pills.

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How about iced tea? That’s my main source.

I drink tea as well and probably should have added it. But I’m more interested in the type of caffeine more related to psychosis, and I haven’t noticed tea(black, green, or orange pekoe) to induce it. It would be interesting to know though. Unfortunately, after 5 minutes a poll can’t be edited.

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Where does Cellucor C4 Extreme lie on this continuum? lol

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I drink a bit of caffeine a day but I doubt its related much to problems considering that the caffeine usage is much newer than the problems.

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Thanks for the votes everyone. It looks like we have a lot of coffee drinkers.:smiley:

Coffee - at least two cups per day, no soda.