Poll: How ambitious are you

  • Ambitious, but lacking ability
  • Ambitious, feel I have the ability
  • Not Ambitious, but lacking ability anyway
  • Not Ambitious, but I feel I would have the ability

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completely depends on the day…

And the topic…

Cleaning the house… not ambitious at all
Re planting the entire garden… very ambitious… have the ability

A bad day having a glitch… not ambitious and no ability

For the most part… I feel I’m a little ambitious and I’m in school to learn and have the ability…


I’m only ambitious when off antipsychotics. They take away my motivation and ambitions.


I have little to no ambition.

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I feel ambitious but the job so big.

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I always focused of way far off goals. When I was young I wanted to be a three time Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling. I had no where near enough ability to do that. I want to be a writer, but I’m wondering if I have the ability to do that too.