Poll: Hot Cocoa vs Chai vs Coffee vs Tea

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Chai
  • Coffee
  • Tea

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Can the tea be ice tea? Do you get whipped cream with the hot chocolate? Is it a cappuccino or a regular black no milk coffee? Help me please, I have too many questions :frowning:


I chose coffee but I also like green tea.

I’m from Tennessee. I was raised on iced tea. Time to make some now…

I think unsweetened iced tea tastes like urine.

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I’m British so I chose tea :wink:

Coffee in the morning. Tea in the afternoon. Hot Cocoa at night.
Never had Chai so I don’t know if I would like it, or what time of day I would drink it.

What’s the difference between tea and chai?

Chai probably refers to a chai latte - a very sweet, spicy, milky drink.


Whatever you want or how you want it is up to you. Im just giving four bases. I like hot cocoa myself if its actually brewed right and not too little cocoa. And everyones hatin on the chai surprising

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I choose coffee but…hot cocoa! Can’t go wrong with that!

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Ok I see. For us chai is just tea.

I know, it’s confusing :smile_cat: I’ve ordered what I thought was going to be a chai latte before and been very surprised!

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LOVE Chai… love it a lot.

Love coffee in the morning…
Tea later in the day…

Hot coco on a rainy night? That’s classic…

I can’t even choose… it’s all great…

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If I could I would choose all.

I chose coffee but nothing wrong with cocoa or tea from time to time.

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@coffee winning by a landslide

Coffee definitely! :blush:

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Good to see you @Saadiqah

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