(POLL) Have you ever had a forum crush?

  • yes
  • no

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I have not. I’m really surprised two out of three answered yes. :confused:


I’m new here. Ask me again in 6 months. :heart_eyes:


I had romantic platonic relationship.
Kinda women I could marry…

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No I haven’t. I need to know the person irl first. Its true I talk about sex in sex threads sometimes but it doesn’t mean I have sexual attraction.


Having a forum crush would kind of be creepy. None of us know each other in real life. I can’t have a crush on someone I dont know in real life. There is women that post selfies that I find attractive, but thats it.


Oh my honeys know who they are LOL!



I have had crushes in pretty much every social circle I have been in. This is no exception. I get crushes that come and go all the time. Mr. Star finds them cute.


Maybe I am just to old for crushes. Or maybe my sz has taken away this aspect of my life. I have not had any kind of “crush” in real life or on social media for years and years. I don’t believe I have ever had a crush on anyone who I only knew on social media though.


Based on those that choose to post their photos I will admit there are physically attractive women on this forum but I see physically attractive women all the time in real life, for me to develop a crush on a woman I need to get to know them. I feel like I know a little about some women here because they are pretty open and post a lot but not enough to have a crush on them, however if they lived down the street I would be willing to meet them and get to know them better. There are some women I know I wouldn’t be a match with.

At the end of the day it would be impractical because we are all scattered around the planet so I’m not going to pine over some woman I will never meet. I once met a girl on IRC from Australia and we became pen pals and spoke on the phone but ultimately it was a waste of time because we could never actually get together. I’m not into long distance relationships, and even if things worked out I don’t have the money to constantly travel somewhere far to see them and I am not moving to another country. I like living in Canada.

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Lookin’ mighty fine @Bowens



@velociraptor is a girl :girl:

(@velociraptor when are you paying me the 300$ for spreading propaganda that you promised?!)

Lol hey hot stuff, my ankles are bare tonight. :wink:


Excuse me, but what you spread was NOT propaganda! The farmers say thanks for the fertilizer, however. Maybe they’ll pay?

You expect me to eat something without seasoning?

[ checks fridge for bottle of hot sauce ]


Funny, the timing. Kind of sort of recently developed a bit of a crush. Very innocent, don’t worry

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I’ve never had a crush on anyone.

I know everyone has a crush on me.

flutters lashes, drops eyeball


I’ve never had an online crush at all. I have to know someone IRL to get a crush.

Sure. My first was on the old forum ol’ butt cheeks William 66 (Can’t remember his name for sure).

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I think its William 69 :grin:

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