[Poll]: Favorite sports to watch

And remember to hit “vote” once you’ve selected your favorites… [poll type=multiple]

  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Futbol / Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Summer Olympics in general
  • Winter Olympics in general
  • Golf
  • Boxing / UFC / MMA

Basketball, basketball, and basketball.

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Boxing, MMA, World’s Strongest Man, and Halo championships.

The video game series? Is that game still popular? Haven’t played since Halo 3 that’s why I’m curious.

I like cricket…

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It’s not as popular as it was I heard. When I go to twitch there aren’t as many viewers as other games like CSGO or Call of Duty. I saw players stream matchmaking and they took forever to find matches. I think when Halo 3 was around it was like that. It’s just when they came our with the sequels like Halo 4 and Halo Reach (Which is when I played) that you got games instantly.

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Hey man, you forgot Curling, what’s wrong with you? Sheesh! :anguished:

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Badminton fan here…

I like to watch amateur wrestling sometimes. I love to watch Oklahoma University football games. I’m already excited about next season.

Strongman competitions.

Cricket, mma, rugby and darts. (Oh and pro wrestling too!)

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man, i love mma, boxing, and especially muay thai! I watch fights on youtube like every day.

I am a rabid fan of Saenchai, legend of muay thai!

Here’s a video of highlights. The dance at the beginning is called the wai kru, and it’s a ritual dance the fighters do as they enter the ring.

Holy ■■■■ did you see the splash bros last night!!??!?

You bet I did… it was phucking amazing.

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Every time klay jacked up a three I was like no no no no…yes yes yes yes!

Until it reached the point i knew he wasn’t missing no matter what kind of shot he took

I hate durant and Westbrook and like the Warriors

Same, been a Warriors fan all my life.

Durant’s an athletic Nowitzki, and Westbrook is Derrick Rose in his prime, on steroids.

The Warriors will take Game 7…

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My favorite is Australian Football. It wasnt on the poll so i voted for my second favorite which is cricket. Go aussies!!! :smile:

I was just watching a Scandinavian cooking show that was about Lapland, Finland. They showed a segment on reindeer racing—my new favorite sport :joy:

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