Poll: can you relate

Can you relate to everyone here with their mental illnesses
Or do you find it a struggle and tend to think only from your own perspective?

1 compassionate relate a lot

2 relate a little in parts

3 its a challenge to understand others problems

@Bowens please turn into a poll

@rogueone @Jayster @ninjastar

  • compassionate relate a lot
  • relate a little in parts
  • its a challenge to

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I feel like i wear my heart on my sleeve i take everything to heart. I get easily upset as well. This forum is good for me as i don’t socialise in real life its too difficult

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I feel like a lot of people on this forum have experienced similar beliefs and things to me but I don’t feel I connect with that many like best mates so to say.

I stick to oms thread and three positive mostly.

I almost left the forum as I felt like such a outsider but decided to stay .


Yeah i understand but i do like your posts.
I feel really relate to those that i share things in common with
Like the agoraphobia etc and i can relate a lot to voices and certain beliefs
@Aziz @Anon4 @Anna @Kxev etc these people really help. I share in common with others to difficult upbringing or being from same country UK. But we all make it work in our own way!


Seems like we’re all dealing with the same old crap.


I think deep down all humans can get along with each other.

Schizophrenia has brought us together, and I am assuming it’s similar with anyone who has something in common

Only guessing, because I have nothing to do with people IRL for nearly 10 years now