Poll: About fishnets. Like the tights that you wear on your legs, not an actual fishnet

Are fishnets always trashy,

Or can they sometimes be classy?

  • Always trashy
  • Sometimes classy
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And I don’t mean like in the bedroom, that’s different.

I mean like with a nice dress and heels.

To a fancy party.


Ok so when I voted I was thinking of those neon full body ones

And honestly they’ve become reasonable because of the middle classifying of it

It’s just a piece of clothing… I think they look nice. Wear what ya like :smile:


Ya gotta own it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m going to take it to the next level and say I want rhinestone fishnets.

Like these:


I’m usually into wearing what I want,

However this is a big party with lots of people who think they’re very fancy and are also very judgy.

LA types.

(Sorry if you’re from LA, but you know what I’m talking about)


It could be seen as fun. It could be seen as folly


Hmmm… I honestly LOVE fishnets and stockings and tights, etc.

BUT, if the crowd is “fancy” and you’re worried about what they’ll think… I might not wear them.

BUT ALSO, if you don’t gaf about what they think…… go for it :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, that probably wasn’t very helpful lol


Victoria Beckham recently wore fishnet stockings but her dress was just beneath the knees I think and she was wearing open toe.
She looked more elegant than trashy I think.

Fishnets can be sexy .

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Yeah I think fishnets are quite sexy! :smile:


I agree with @Wave !

I think fishnet stockings are hella sexy.



all the rockabilly gals in our group of college rockabilly ppl had fish nets…stray cats, although trite for rockabilly…sing a song called fish net stockings…I love that song…rockabilly bands I usually listen to are “reverend horton heat” and " paladins".

I’ve made my decision and placed an order.

I don’t like these people, and my husband couldn’t care less what I wear,

So I’m going all in on rhinestone thigh highs.

Because if I’m getting that dressed up,

I want a sure thing on getting laid.


I like fishnets the bigger holes ones more, they’re sexy.

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Just voted sometimes classy

oh hell yes, and wear slutty mascara with brown eyeshadow…with red lips…no you’re talkin’. haha

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