Police kill a man having acute symptoms

Is this right?

No charges in death of Ejaz Choudry, 62-year-old shot and killed by police while in crisis

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Probably if they just left him alone he would have eventually fallen asleep

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He was coming at them with a knife.

And had been shot with a stun gun and rubber bullets,

He still didn’t stop.

I don’t know if they should have shot him,

But he was a threat.

If I understood the article correctly.

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I just don’t get why the police have to act immediately once they get a call. People in the US even developed a lethal game called SWATTING due to this stupid police behavior. Ok Mr Choudry was having a psychotic episode and his family members left him alone in the apartment because they were scared. Do they immediately have to rush in and try to take him down? Let the old guy pace around and rant and rave until he gets tired and falls asleep. Then maybe sneak in and grab him when hes asleep, or maybe just wait it out maybe he wakes up in a better mood.

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That’s ■■■■■■■■. Why did they kill him to keep him from hurting himself? Why not shoot him in the arm? Or the leg? Anywhere but the chest. Ffs. I ■■■■■■■ hate cops.


Thats not good at all.