Poem: The Real Woman


You can shine
you can be beautiful
inside yourself
you are true to me
you do not play games
you do not plan plots
you say what you think
you are real
without any games
without any false intentions
without any misguidance
you never lie to me
you never betray me
you tell me always the truth
the real woman
no games, no plots
no plays
just the reality, the truth
the honesty
you are the real woman
rare, but existing
the real woman.


I just wanted to say I enjoy your daily poems. Since I know you pull them from your life, I try and imagine what part of your life your writing about.

My brother used to like poetry and because of that, he taught me. It was a joy that went away for awhile in both of us.

His enjoyment of poetry got lost due to his SZ. My enjoyment got killed by an opinionated, over zealous english teacher. I was beginning to lose to point of poetry.

But your poems are rekindling my fondness for them. Thank you.


Yes, sometimes these teachers do more bad than good. I have one close relative who was always failed in English at the high school. That teacher did this to other people too, because the teacher did not like them. Today this person is in China doing business in English and his children are at the English school in China. The life has a funny way to work sometimes.


That was the same English teacher who gave me a recommendation to participate in the Rotary International Youth program in Devon, England in 1984. She liked well behaving, polite and nice teens. This started my international journeys in the 1980s. I was just 16 and there were teens from seven different European nations such Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. I almost got lost in the subway (the tube) of London on my way to catch the train to the western England.


Came to my mind. When I was in Bideford in Devon in 1984 I stayed with a family and the husband of this family was a Lloyd’s banker. I still have a little glass ornament of ‘the Black Horse’ with me, this is a symbol of Lloyds Bank. Maybe in the U.S. presidential race there should be a true black horse. They try to get a Jewish Hillary Clinton to be elected in 2016. Her grandgrandparents were Rosenbergs, Jews. They have this strategy of placing little bits, photos, statements and so on to build their political image secrelty, hiddenly, so that people do not understand it, do not realize what they are doing. The black horse in politics means an unknown, new, nonexistent, rising candidate, maybe America needs one now.


What type of a person is Bill Clinton, a part of the Jewish Hillary Clinton’s strategy. The first place where he went after leaving the office in 2001 was the Jewish synagogue in Florida. People did not pay anything to listen him. I lived in my auto in Miami at the time and I followed what he did. Only after over half a decade he arrived at Finland and people had to pay 1000 euros to listen his short speech to which five black unmarked automobiles brought him. You now know on which side Jewish Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are. They have also brought this Chelsea girl to their campaign strategically trying to show some family values while supporting gay and lesbian marriages, which I believe is against the God.


I like Amy from Scottland because she is a real woman …