Poem: Marriage

The Holy union
between a man and a woman
the marriage
destined to succeed or to fail
in the life time many times
maybe only once
children - the main achievements
from the marriage between partners
the partnership
never to be broken
blessed by the God
the only one God in the universe
destined to succeed or to fail
between different types of people
not about money, but about the life
continuing the life, sharing genes
with your children, the next generation
blessed by the God
true in the world, on the Earth
sometimes between different races
sometimes between childhood friends
the Holy union
never to be broken
sometimes hard, sometimes easy
the life long relationship
requiring work, commitment, love
between a man and a woman
blessed by the God
for the goodness of the human race
for good and bad times
for the life between partners
not about money, but love, friendship
commitment to continue the life
for the future generations
now and in the future
between a man and a woman.

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It is interesting what types of poems I wrote here three years ago, marriage …

It’s always interesting to look back - thank you for the internet, Mr Gore.