Poem: Dream

I travel
travel in the world
seeing places from Beijing to Paris
from Delhi to London
new people, smiling, crying
new events, happy, sad
communicate with people
sharing experiences, thoughts, ideas
all people around me, socializing
traveling in the air, on the land
seeing the Sunrise in Miami
enjoying a cup of tea in Moscow
new people, new languages
everything so close, feeling all near me
experiencing love, hate, ignorance
seeing new developments
witnessing bombings in the Middle-East
everything so real, so real
laughing people, sad people, people in hurry
the whole world so reachable, so near
as real as it ever can be
alarm bells ringing, hearing this
waking up, from the dream in the morning
my mind confused, still feeling people around me
waking up from this dream
everything getting clearer
it was all just the dream in my sleep
all people so real were so unreal
nothing existed, everything was just the imagination
now realizing, woke up to the reality
it was all just the dream
just the dream!

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