Poem: Beautiful Mind

Voices come saying things
I do not want to hear
these try to threaten me and my living
I know these voices are unreal
so unreal but existing in my mind
in the beautiful mind like roses I purchased
to make my mind to shine, to see beauty
in this world of unreal voices
listening these but ignoring always
in my beautiful mind that I like to nurture
with love, with beautiful music
to make me feel good, to make me to be nice
like a woman inside a man in my mind
like those tulips I had and nurtured
not breaking my spirit
but to be strong while understanding
understanding the world and its secrets
in this world of unreal voices
I smile and laugh often alone
feeling good, feeling great
taking always my meds, my rescue in my mind
loving the life and my existence
in the universe of the God I travel in new places
inside my mind I travel to see new lives
the life and the world you are so beautiful
it is always smiling to me without any harm
making me to enjoy environments where I am
traveling in the world with my beautiful mind.