Please delete my account

I am leaving the online world, the last time I tried to do this admins told me to wait 2 weeks.
I have successfully not logged into my Facebook for 2 months and now it’s gone as with other forms of social media.
This forum for me has become an unhealthy type of thing where I have minor freakouts by posting my thoughts and ridiculous other things and I don’t want to be enabled not tempted to keep wasting my life here or in any corner of the internet anymore. I’m tired of being stuck in a loop of saying I’m going to abandon the online world and people telling me it’s not worth it.
In my mind it is worth it, with no account to post on or log into it will greatly decrease my amount of time spent on the site.
As most of you know (my acquaintances/friends here) I want to do something with my life with music or just in general…
I don’t want to keep wasting time online and rather waste my time productively. I have found ways to do this and if you must know if I’m bluffing I have started reading ebooks, playing educational video games like rocksmith and duolingo, taking extra shifts at work and started doing routine exercise.
I’m not implying anything about my fellow mentally ill folks and friends here in the least, but I don’t want to end up wasting all my time reading about nonsense and getting into internet arguments anymore…
Please take me seriously and delete my account it would genuinely help improve my life thank you

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As a post script, I will be logging out of my account after posting this comment so do not try to talk to me please.