Please change my e-mail id. @szadmin

@SzAdmin, please change my e-mail id. Because my current ID are in use for office, personal and other necessary purposes. May i message you, my second ID.

Go to your profile, then preferences, then account, and from there you can change your email address. Do you need a video?


Thank you… I am replying late because I am traveling to the state capital for my transfer of govt job. 14 August is last date for order of this year. I found a dealer and offer him $1500 bribery for my transfer.

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This is very common thing at turkey too. İts very rotten though…

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$ 1500 is my two months salary.

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What s your job @anon68148378 and where are you from?

I am a civil site engineer in a govt department. I am from India.

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