Please anonymise account

I removed my email address from the account and replaced it with an old one I then deleted. I changed the passwords to ones I didn’t remember so I could not log in anymore. Please anonymise my Ish account as previously requested.

I guess this is also a message to say I am well and safe. I wish everyone well. I missed this place but I don’t see it good for me in the long run for my recovery. Take care guys.

I also know that my message might not reach others because I am new (now) and not allowed to post leaving messages. If this is the case, then please pass on the message and anonymise my account.

Thank you.


Hi Ish (@someone1) Thank you for checking in and letting us know you’re well and safe. I’ll go ahead and anonymize your Ish account per your request.

Feel free at any time to come back to the forum. You’re always welcome here. Just create a new account if you want to return.

Take care and I wish you all the best.

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Wish you all the best Ish. You’re always welcome here whenever you feel the need for this forum

Take care of yourself

Come back anytime Ish.

aw Ish…sad now…you were so great here…I will really really miss you.

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