Placebo effects vs Negative symptoms

Hi there,

I am able to instruct my body to produce essential brain fuel to make my day happier everyday now

My imagination is setup as toolset for my schizophrenia which enables happiness and excitement. This put the enjoyment back in to my video gaming and music listening. It doesn’t push my motivation that far but this helps my ability to do simple tasks much easier then it instead of being a mission to complete.

All I have to do is pretend I have consumed something even I haven’t taken anything and this can range from using a shape in my mind assuming the function from that shape in to gut producing serotonin. This works for me…hopefully this helps other people too. You can use to gain excitement too.

I recommend writing a list of shape tools which suit your personality and sound etc and just assume the function is true.

I’ve been stuffing around with this for years and I am glad this works for me but it appears to be a permanent hard wire result.


You got it Fuzz. That’s the way you do it. Teach me and the other users what you have learned cause there won’t come any pills that address the negative symptoms in ages.
You are the key so only you can open the gate.
You learned me so much.
Thank you.

Visualization helps yep.

You can Imagen a spanner against your gut if the mind try to deprogram this. The brain needs some serotonin to renew the placebo programming. This can take some time but should work.

Update: I take 5HTP as I noticed the gut furthers an inability to produce serotonin. The 5HTP temp restores the input. You should get advice from a doctor first before taking 5HTP or actioning this information.

Update: Assuming new types of placebo effects besides the main programming of the original placebo effect that we schizophrenis can assume works too and assuming the programming is correct helps too in other ways. You can use your imagination to further kick it in and signal in anyway possible.

Good luck everyone! I’ve got my fun back for now. If the battle continues I’ll update the thread again.

I’m using thought to release fluids to the brain. This is an ability which I have and not sure if you anyone else can do this because I’ve never told anymore. Obviously, I forgot this with no serotonin to the brain. I’m fine now and can continue having fun. This has RESTORED the programming for placebo effects too.

It is probably best to write everything down you’ve tried.

Just added you must feel the area of your brain where the thought is automatically directed to. This the last update. This should automatically give you what you need for the day.

After this if it doesn’t work I give up. I’ll reply back if it faults saying if I’ve given up.