Pizza trip

me and my friend went on a pizza trip,

we got pizza, we ate some, we drove, we ate some more, we went home and ate the rest,

i have to say that i think the pizza trip was a success lol

nom nom nom (and i wonder why i put on weight :confused: ) lol


I could use one of these trips

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I’m on a diet. When I have a pizza, I call it a ‘relapse’, lol.

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it was nice watching them make the pizza but my mouth was watering so much haha

On Sunday we took a trip with friends to USA and I had some sort of ranch pizza… it was so good… with chicken and mozzarella… YUM

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You were in the USA! What state?

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i usually go to plattsburgh and new hampshire… a couple hours drive.

I gained so much weight @Samp I’m freaking out.!!! gonna exercise from now on!!

I have just been walking for exercise. The gym is a trigger for me, it feels like everyone is telepathic and I get paranoid. Its nice if you have your own gym at home. I feel kinda lazy though on this Geodon.

oh that’s weird… it might change… just hang on. PLEASE… hang on and it’s gonna change… I had extreme energy on Geodon after a while… I did intense training 5 times a week.

I don’t have a home gym… I wish! I’m going for walks and taking it easy… But I could use a 10 pound loss… for real.

I hanging on bugs. I hope you can lose weight. :pray:

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merci darling… I’m not overweight yet… but I’ve let go… I need to stay up to date. Hope you feel much better soon.

How far apart should I take each pill?

I took mine with morning and evening. I think the half life is pretty short… around 8 hours. So you need to watch out. Take with good amount of balanced diet. have 2 eggs, a glass of milk and a peanut butter toast. around 400 calories.

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