Pics from Malaga, Spain

IMG_4164 IMG_4188 IMG_4196 IMG_4229 IMG_4237


Are you on holiday in Spain at the moment? It is definitely a place i would like to visit sometime. Beautiful pictures.

My mother is there, today it is so easy to transfer pics from any place in the world. Malaga looks quite good, it is 25 degrees C there.

Over 20 years ago I rented a car in Lisbon and drove to Southern Portugal and then to Gibraltar and then to Costa del Sol and to Malaga and back to Lisbon, it was a nice 1-week trip. Saw also apes of Gibraltar.

I went to Malaga as a child, I don’t remember much about that city.
Two years ago I went to Córdoba, definitely one of the best places in my country.

I have been in Barcelona a couple of times, I liked the city.

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