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Hey guys here are a few of my recent photos!


Hi @seanieireland

Would you like to have your own thread just for your own photos, or to use one of the following threads: photo club - Creativity -

Take a picture of anything thread 5 - Lounge -

We are asking members to not start a new topic each time they want to share some photos to try and keep the scrolling cleaner for users. In the future if you don’t have your own thread you post your images to, I will add them to one of the other threads instead.

Thanks for understanding.


no problem! will post in other thread!

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I’d suggest posting in the photo club topic, you have great images.


great work dude!

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Pics of the Heartlands project, Pool, Cornwall … it closed down today 12/02/24 :slightly_frowning_face: :cry: :sob:

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Alot of those big country houses/estates were where the mine, mill, land owners would of lived.

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