[Photo] Rehabilitation Centre (Malaysia)

The centre that I am staying is 2-storey building.

The living room is equipped with pay TV (nearly 100 channels) and a DVD player.

This is the place where the families meet their loved ones, often accompanied by the principals of the centre.

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It looks nice. How do you like it there?

It is a place for socializing, with someone taking care of the dispensing of medication on time. Sometimes I even prepare meals for them. The place is, however, lack of outdoor activities. It is a place where the disabled helping the disabled.
If I understand your question correctly.

Do you enjoy going? Enjoy helping to prepare meals?

Are you sure it is OK to take photos in there? In the hospitals here there are signs everywhere not to take photos. While we can just plead insanity for legal defence. The staff can make your life a misery while you’re in recovering. I myself wouldn’t appreciate my photo being taken and then posted on the net while I was in recovery. So I just had to ask.

Yes, I enjoy preparing meals but not everyday. It is boring to do repeatitive task on daily basis.

Thank you for your concern. I should have not posted the third photo.
The centre has its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/加施恩/651629568254546

I think it is too late for me to remove the photo.

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I deleted the third pic. The second one is ok as long as they are aware that they have been put on the forum.

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Thank you BarbieBF. :thumbsup:

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True, photos are not allowed in most places like that in the US…not sure I remember where you are at but I think either US, UK our AUS… and all those places are pretty much same as far as photos, and even how much a visitor can see when visiting a patient…some places however let visitors right on the units, just not in patients rooms…

However in the past it wasn’t that way and you can find several older pictures online from inside mental hospitals showing the conditions at the time…
they apparently had no privacy

Worchester MA, USA, 1949

Ohio USA

And some of these older places, mostly closed or demolished now, could be star attractions in horror movies:

Glenside hospital in Adelaide AU…there be ghosts in there I do reckon!