Pet picture to share

I always like to see pet pictures, and I like taking them of mine. Here is one of the dog I have had for a few months and 1 of my three cats. They haven’t quite figured out what to do about each other yet.


That’s a cute dog and cat. They look like they are the same age too.

Cat is much older! My cats were used to my elderly dog, now they are not sure what to do with a young dog!

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Here’s my pet

jk, but ive posted pictures of my cat before but hes at my parents house so i cant take a picture right now.

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This used to be my userpic. Claudelet doesn’t want you looking at her. She is not on public display.

This is Claudelet on her Judging Chair. She spends about an hour a night there disapproving of us and offering commentary on where we’re going wrong in our lives.


lol, she looks aghast at what you have done!

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I am not sure what it was, but I can guarantee we should not have done it!


Omg like! Like! Like! Why can we not like things more than once!

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That is so perfect!

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We had a pretty little gray kitty called Nora but we took her to my dad’s farm before my baby boy was born. She got killed on his farm.

Is that old wives tale true about cats suffocating newborn babies anyway?

As far as I know - that is NOT true. My cats were mostly disgusted with a baby!

Supposedly they climb on the baby to lick the milk off their mouth as they lie in their cribs.

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