Personality test, what is your type if you want to share it here?
me, I am the "defender’’ besides the fact that maybe I remain still confused…


Glad to see you. I’m the “Protagonist” or ENFJ.

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cool, you are charismatic as I see hah :slight_smile:
you see, probably I progress but I am so dull also right now, you know all - these 13 years of isolation…

I’m the mediator!

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Mediator lol it fits me perfectly!

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mediator - INFP.

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yeah, we need mediators here heh :slight_smile:

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Got Debator ENTP

I am “the philosopher”, though I sometimes question how smart I really am.

Architect - INTJ

I seemed to switch from INTJ to INTP on those tests in my early 20’s. I used to make plans and lists of things to do all of the time in my late teens. I got away from that, and started testing INTP.

So, that goes from Architect to Logician, and possibly back to Architect later.

Architect → Logician → Architect

I have a suspicion that once people start wearing smart glasses around all of the time, I’ll start making plans and lists of things to do all of the time on the smart glasses, and I’ll probably go back to testing INTJ again. (Unless they change the tests to fit the new human/cyborg psychology that may emerge.)

Last time I did a test I got mediator.

The mediator (INFP-T)


fifteen fifteen

It is very common to get different results at different times with the Myers-Briggs test. It’s a notoriously unreliable test. With personality dimensions most people tend to cluster around the middle of the scale, so dividing the scale rigidly in the middle and into types based on this isn’t exactly a good approach. The Myers-Briggs is not a good personality test. The five factor personality model (OCEAN) is the most popular model in personality psychology and is much more valid and reliable than the Myers-Briggs . It is based on factor analysis.

Interesting. For the fact that your post in interesting alone, I considered giving it a like. I don’t recall seeing the ‘Big Five personality traits’ test before.

At first glance, it kind of reminds me of the movie ‘Divergent,’ in which five positive personality traits are actually used to divide society into five types of people; but it is theoretically possible for a person to be good in all five areas.

I’m not sure I like where this is going, but it is interesting nonetheless.

INFP-T, another mediator

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I took the test and got Adventurer, which was surprising.