People with predictive text. 12 word story


Enter the first 12 words that come first on your predictive text.


‘Hey how’s it going how did I do it last week and’


I’m just saying I don’t want you anymore you want to be


I will have to get back to work tomorrow and after that


What is a predictive text? I like to play too.:grinning:
I think its the wordsuggestion when you type.


I think it’s for people using iPads and phones.


I am all persons and all persons yet to come to do


When you don’t know what it is like a giant museum in.


I’m not going on a trip but I’ll be back at home.


The first thing you need is a little more time and time


It is not a good time for a couple cousins treat me.


Have y’all seen him yet I think I’m going on the way


I turned that off because it annoys me. A long freaking time ago, be matter fact.


I have a pic on the other day and I am so


But I would rather be annoyed than listen to my brain rattle.