People from my country have lost their minds lol



Welcome back walla


Thanks buddy,

I forgot my password and couldnt log back in lol.

I though i was gonna have to make another account for the 10th time lol


How are you doing @anon97118089?


Doing good man :slight_smile:
How are u doing?


I’m alright. A bit depressed but no big deal. Glad to see you back on the forum.


Yea depression sucks man, Ive also had it bad lately !!

Hang in there bud.


Thanks, man! You do the same!


This is absolutely hilarious!

You guys have a unique energy and sense of humor!


I lost my damn mind laughing!

I hope there’s no political subtext in there though…if so it was lost on me…


Haha yea a bobjan that he sings about is a baboon, it’s like a monkey in cape town lol.


I searched online it means gorilla in afrikaans, but there are no gorillas anywhere near south africa, so I guess it means baboon as you said!


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