Pb&j - greater than the sum of its parts!

Why is it so good?!?


It is some good stuff, been too long since I had it. I have a little peanut butter on the shelf, but no jelly/jam or bread; maybe I’ll pick some up when I do my grocery shopping this weekend, cheap eats.


Why do I always forget this classic?

So cheap, so delicious.

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:banana::banana::banana: and bananas :bread: :grapes: :peanuts:

I love Peanut Butter and Jelly on White bread! :yum:

There used to be this restaurant in Texas that had this fancy gourmet PB&J,

It was incredible.

They had this super soft, chewy, kinda tangy white bread, with homemade crunch peanut butter, preserves, and sliced fruit.

I could eat that sandwich everyday for the rest of my life.

No joke.

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that’s what I ate today, with smucker’s strawberry, yummy. I dip mine in milk like a doughnut