Paris HL7 meeting

I decided to attend the HL7 meeting in Paris, I had been to Paris at age 17 but the Louve was closed then. I went with a youth group in high school, American’s Youth in Concert and we did a performance in Notre Dame Cathedral, it was really a thrill for me at age 17.

this is HL7, it’s how to share health information

this is the Paris Working group meeting

anyway, I attended the policy meetings in Paris for a couple days, then headed downtown to see all the museums.

I’m struck now by how many armed police or military I came across now. Armed French military standing on gugard, openly holding machine guns at the Charless De Gaulle airport, near the Arc d Triumph, for example. I asked one of them where the toilet was :smile:

I had purchased a paris museum pass for 43e, which gets you into almost everything but the Eiffel tower!

so, I hopped the subway to the Arc d Triumph, went up in that, and then walked all the way through the Champs de Elysee (park there) to the Musee Orangerie, that’s where I saw the armed police or military openly holding machine guns.

the Musee Orangerie, has monet’s waterlillies :smile:

in these meetings I’ve attended with the ONC, we had a user story on diabetes we worked through, and I attended several meetings on the CFR 42 where the user story was “an alcoholic breaks her leg”.

we discussed all of the health IT standards, as well as the policies and laws regarding privacy.

My user story is a woman with an autoimmune disease…

I hope somebody pick up this user story, I understand all the laws and policies regarding Sz, I’m hoping this speeds up the process so somebody out there can fix it.

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