Paranoid schiz without the paranoia!

Can anyone relate to me? I have had this illness four years and since being on meds no signs of paranoia?

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My son is diagnosed paranoid sz. I find I question the diagnoses a lot as the only time I have seen him be noticeably paranoid was during his last break and he thought I was trying to kill him. Other then that he presents as paranoid during hospital admissions and/or while extremely high. Since this is when professionals see him he got that diagnoses. I do however have to caution myself that being medication compliant may be the big reason that he is not displaying paranoia. I’m guessing it’s the main symptom that you display during these times that determine the sub-type.

I’m glad you are not experiencing paranoia. That must be a relief.

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Hi @anon80629714, I was a royal paranoid mess when I was on Abilify, I am not as paranoid now that I am on Risperdal - sometimes being on a med (antipsychotic) reduces or eliminates the paranoia altogether.
This is good that you are not paranoid - maybe its the meds. Some people do not display significant paranoid symptoms, maybe you are one of them - or maybe it is the medication doing a good job of toning down the paranoia - either way it is good news! Hope you have a wonderful day


I was going to say, how lucky not to have the paranoia. There are people on here who don’t hear voices, there are people on here who don’t get hallucinations… not everyone is the same.

I’m really glad you don’t have the paranoia. It could be part of the meds and the fact that it’s not a strong symptom for you.

I do get paranoid about very specific stuff… and when it hits it sticks. When I’m on my meds, the paranoia has been knocked down, but when I’m not doing well… it’s back.


i agree, it’s the meds. I have to keep telling myself that. It’s hard though although the illness has become much more easier to accept since I came off meds and learned my lesson…


It’s hard to accept the meds if you’ve been stable for any amount of time. I’m doing so well… I must be cured right?

It’s hard to keep remembering that I’m doing so well BECAUSE of my meds, not despite them.

I’m sort of lucky in a sad/odd way that I have my Dad sort of lamenting his heart meds because he’s really in peak health right now. He’s been doing marathons and swimming more, lost a lot of weight… and looks so young for his age… but he’ll be on blood thinners for the rest of his life.

So he too is trying to say… his heart is doing well because of the meds, not despite them.

I sort of have a “buddy” to keep me grounded with this struggle.


if psychical illness were treated like mental illnesses…