Paranoia - anxiety or psychosis?

Is paranoia part of anxiety disorder or is it part of psychosis? How does one differentiate between fear due to anxiety disorder and fear due to sz/sza?


  • I’m scared sometimes that when my curtains or blinds not properly shut, people can look in and shoot me with a gun through the glass.
  • I’m scared my mother in law waiting for opportunity to harm me (especially if my husband passes away before her).
  • I’m scared of sickness and thunderstorms
  • I’m scared Alien will control my mind or people will read my mind
  • I get panic attacks in public sometimes
  • I’m scared of dentists and going to them for dental work.

But in particular I’m talking of paranoia. Is it neurotic or psychotic? And fear in general?

Any thoughts?

no fire without smoke…

Paranoia is not anxiety nor phobia. In anxiety the sufferer knows its not real but body not able to manage due to automatic anxiety response like for example a social anxiety person feel uncomfortable in social situations and feels like heart beating fast, voice tremble etc even though he or she want to stop it body refuses.

In paranoia the user usually losses sense with reality. Have bizzarre stories, thoughts which not match with reality and user believes in it as if its real, he or she unable to differentiate if its actually true or false.

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