Panic mode

What causes one to have an anxiety or panic attack? For me, people reading my intrusive thoughts and being able to see them and make comments on them. It is like my mind is on to display for anyone to see. In my heart I don’t mean any of the intrusive thoughts but no one else knows this.

stress and anxiety is what does it for me and pressure, i hate pressure being put on me,

i think a lot of things did it before, i remember i was delusional and i would get panic attacks because of that and paranoia i think.

when i have an anxiety attack I feel like taking my mind away and doing something else helps and also find someone reassuring to talk to lessens the severity of my panic attack also one’s psychiatrist can prescribe something for when your especially anxious

Being forced to grow psychologically makes me have anxiety. I have a fear of women and I don’t feel comfortable anywhere but in a gym or at home. It’s due to trauma involving a woman when I was a small child, and now I am 20 and in college so I push myself to get over it with exposure. But it’s the only thing other than my grades that make me anxious…I have generalized anxiety disorder but since I’m on an anti-anxiety med I don’t worry about everything like I used to. I used to just worry about random ■■■■ and I go right back to that if I don’t take my anti anxieties.

But my symptoms caused me anxiety for a long time, but I then reached a point where they didn’t bother me, I got used to them and just accepted that I was completely ■■■■■■ in the head and had to carry on with a diseased brain. I am a psych student and I saw some pictures of schizophrenic’s brain scans, and I just had this moment of realization that I was ■■■■■■ in the head like those pictures, and after that I was different, I had a strong insight into my illness…but some of my more complex, most plausible delusions still got me until I got on meds.

Again, I have generalized anxiety disorder separate from my schizophrenia, so panic was set off by even thinking about approaching girls or taking a challenging class. I remember having diarrhea and sweating alot every day before this honors class with a girl I wanted to talk to in. Now I don’t get panic or even anxious, I just feel slightly nervous but nowhere near the debilitating anxiety attacks I used to have.

I love my meds…I don’t even want to drink anymore, my meds have me feeling fine.


When I’m not doing well and things are going out of whack, lots of stuff will set me off to panic. Too much noise in the house, stuff that has been misplaced, going to a new place will make me very nervous.

If someone is a few minutes late I will immediately think… “Well that’s it then, their dead or kidnapped.” Which is so stupid because I’m almost late a lot. It’s hard getting out the door so I do end up somewhere in the knick of time.

Lots of commotion around me will cause me to twitch and run. I can’t take screaming. I’m ok with it outside in a park when it’s little kids… but only for so long before it is really upsetting me. But kids screaming durning a rec. swim when I’m trying to lap swim… I just leave. I can’t take it… I keep thinking they are drowning.