Painful images in my head

I keep seeing images of myself bleeding and it is so painful to think of its not like a hallucination just like pictures popping up in my head, I have thoughts that I am going to cut myself than once it stops bleeding cut into the already cut skin to make it really bad and i have thoughts and images of me cutting my cock open and pretty much all sensitive skin on my body that i know would hurt really bad it and I have these vivid images of all this blood and gashes is horrible it makes me want to throw away every sharp object in my house i don’t want any of this to happen to me i cant get this out of my head it hurts me whenever i think of this and its nothing that meds can fix like hallucinations

Intrusive thoughts sounds like. I get them too. I’m sorry, they are very awful, but know they are just thoughts and thoughts do not mean actions.

Could be Intrusive Images from OCD possibly.
I get bloody images of myself many times.

Maybe talking to a therapist could help.

I get the exact same thing. I get thoughts and images of every gruesome thing you can imagine. Me doing horrible things to myself and others doing horrible things to me. It is very, very disturbing. I am super sorry you are having to deal with that. They are just thoughts. Try to distract yourself with a Movie or TV.

Just reading this made me uneasy and touch my cartoid artery… I guess too much empathy. What you have is indeed not a hallucination, it’s called a pseudohallucination btw

i have never heard of a psuedohallucination before but after looking it up online it sounds accurate i guess i have another thing to add to my list of reasons why i cant be sane