Paging @mrsquirrel

Not giving up here on making things better, or patching things up…?

You command a lot of respect. But are you sure you’re offering me fair and balanced communication(s)? Because you seem like a drive by shooter, with me.

Maybe… and this feels really charitable, and vulnerable, but maybe ‘sexism’ won’t go away until someone like you cares more too.

I mean, tomorrow still exists, and people can change.

Dunno what the answer is here, I’m sure Reddit is a cess pool. Facebook is poison too.

But honestly you went a little too far today, bc I already felt like your waiting in the wings to poo-poo, things out of me. Or about me.

(I wanted a daughter, you know? It’s ok… I don’t mind saying it.

My probs if they are real, don’t surround me getting ‘Darwined’ out there…).

Your patience must serve you so well out there.

Maybe I’m having a bad day? Or I should try again to quit the stimulants(caffeine, nicotine).

But we should remind ourselves sometimes that we know that already because I said it.

@MrSquirrel you need to call him out …just helping…sorry.,

And my day is getting worse… @jukebox what have you gathered here? Am I being unreasonable?

What’s your beef with Mr Squirrel @Happy2Help?

There’s no need to call someone out. @MrSquirrel didn’t say anything rude to you. You just took his words wrong. I’m closing this as it has no productive reason.