Overall good day

Had an overall good day except disagreement with in laws. I did what my therapist suggested mostly just took care of animals.

This is missy she needs groomed badly but my in laws won’t pay for it.

Super duper pooper trooper or just trooper


Here’s jasper he hasn’t eaten in a few days but I’ve read and been told that is normal sometimes


Glad you had a good day @cbbrown!

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they’re really cute

did they come over to your house and create static

I get on my mother for doing that in the more recent past

I tell her to get outta my house

we’re back talking after a day or two, nobody holds a grudge

anyway, good day on my part too, and it’s even Monday.

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People with sz and sza need more good days. They just kind of said they don’t want me to tell my case manager and therapist about them. They said they will make sure I go to prison too if they get arrested

You have awesome pets to care for!

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Is that a Pacman frog?? I really want one of those someday :slight_smile: they are so cute

Depending on what you fed him it’s normal like if you gave him a mouse he may not be hungry again for several days.

Also that guinea pig is hilarious and looks like a hairpiece. Try to brush her all you can and if needed you can use nail scissors to trim out any knots or her bangs. May not be pretty looking but it’ll be good for her. It also helps if you learn how to clip nails :slight_smile:

Last thing jasper the pacman frog ate was two large night crawlers he eats up to 6 a week when he feels like it.

That isn’t a guinea pig that is missy my in laws shih Tzu. The only time she gets groomed is if we pay for it. She’s a sweetie though

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OMG I see the little nose now. Dying. That’s just its head :joy::joy: same thing goes though really, if you don’t want to pay. Otherwise she may end up with matting which is painful and unhygienic :frowning:

May need to use bigger scissors than nail ones though lol!

Our havanese is getting her first haircut this Friday. She looks like a total dust mop right now.

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when i had the sun in my eyes earlier and was looking at missy, i thought it was a pic of you lying down taking a pic of the back of your head. haha.

i had to look at it a second time and thought she was a cutie. buncha good lookin pets you got there.

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