Outrageous! Joan Bishop recounts the tragic death of her psychotic sister in powerful documentary, raising troubling questions about our system


I don´t belive it, i think that its fake.

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Why do you think it is fake?

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Hi @firemonkey I read the article and watched the trailer. This looks fascinating! Thank you for posting this.


Wait! I thought that you put down the names and numbers of relatives when you fill out medical forms. In that instance, your family is supposed to be contacted if any changes occur, but that doesn’t matter if you have Sz I guess. Even medical professionals don’t give a crap and it is their job to do so!

It’s because of the HIPPA laws.

Hard to know how to get it right, because the system shouldn’t violate your privacy, but should also protect people who can’t protect themselves.


Some psychiatrist want to have more control over us. Forcing us to medicate or more facilities to keep us in hospitals. My english is not the best(obviously) and maybe i did not understand correctly this documental, but i think these rare stories have been created with the intention to reduce the liberty of the sick people… but i’m just a paranoid guy… or not :smiley:

It’s hard to know with documentaries how much is dramatized for the camera, but a woman named Linda Bishop really did starve after being discharged from a mental hospital.