Our lives are most important

I came back from the USA to my little town 19 years ago. During these 19 years 55 people whom I have known have died. Some people were old, some people had some cancer such as lung cancer or skin cancer, some people have committed suicide, some people used alcohol too much and so on. There have been young people such as one 21-year old young woman and then old people. My father also died. This all makes me to think that our survival is the most important thing we have. I am planning to live for the next 30 years still. I did cut my wrist with the razor blade once but I survived. Our lives are the most important thing we have, whether we are young or old, whether we are rich or poor. Only the survival matters.

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To me, quality of life is more important than quantity. I’d rather be happy for 15 years than miserable for 30 personally.


I’m prone to philosophy myself!

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